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Insight. Integrity. Experience.

Years of experience and exposure to multiple market cycles have taught us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing. These insights directly help our clients in optimizing their returns while avoiding unnecessary risk. We also offer another financial advantage: always low fees.

Our Philosophy

Every client, large or small, deserves honest and independent investment advice.
Investment management should be done by a Fiduciary.
Individual clients should pay no more than large institutions for investment management.
Investment decisions should be driven by each client’s investment goals and risk profile.

Q1 Market Review

This quarter saw the dawn of a new decade that will only be remembered for the human and economic carnage caused by the global pandemic of Covid-19. Our entire vocabulary has changed with phrases such as “flattening the curve” and “shelter in place”. As the globe responded to the pandemic, markets and economies were dramatically impacted. Volatility returned at levels unseen since the financial

Market Recap Week Ending April 17

Monday - Dow (328) to 23,390 NDAQ +38 to 8,192 and the S&P (28) to 2,789.  The Dow rallied throughout the day from the lower levels at which it opened and closed down 1.4%.  The S&P also closed down just over 1% but the NDAQ squeaked out a gain of 0.50% based on big rallies from tech stocks including Apple (AAPL) +2%, Amazon +6% (beginning to ship nonessential items again), and Netflix

Can I Still Sell My House?

YES, YOU CAN. Is it a good time to sell? It depends on your circumstances. The first step in determining this is to have a consultation with a real estate professional who can listen to your situation and your goals, and help you determine if selling right now does make sense. If you have determined that now is the time for you to sell, yes, there is still a way to achieve your goal. And like