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Every client, large or small, deserves honest and independent investment advice.
Investment management should be done by a Fiduciary.
Individual clients should pay no more than large institutions for investment management.
Investment decisions should be driven by each client’s investment goals and risk profile.

Market Recap Week Ending October 23rd

Monday - Dow (410)to 28,195 NDAQ (192)to 11,478 and the S&P (57) to 3,426. Speaker Pelosi's 48-hour deadline to agree to the next stimulus bill, lack of momentum to come to an agreement and the resurgence of Covid19 infections pushed the markets lower today. In fact, the consensus now is that even if the White House and the Speaker come to an agreement, the Senate Republicans will rebel and

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About SPACs but Were Afraid to Ask (with a local twist)

Special Acquisition Companies (SPAC) have been all the rage this year. As of September, a total of 86 SPACs have been completed, raising more than $33 billion and marking 2020 as the busiest year in SPAC history. However, this begs the question, “what exactly is a SPAC?”  From Investopedia...  "A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a company with no commercial operations that is

Q2 Market Review

The first half of 2020 has concluded which means we have been living life with Covid-19 for the better part of a full quarter. After a dismal Q1, the second quarter bounced back ferociously with the Dow and S&P enjoying their best quarters since 1987 and 1988 respectively and the Nasdaq having its best quarter since 1999. However, the economy is struggling, with record unemployment claims and