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Years of exposure to up-and-down and mixed market cycles have taught us what works and what doesn’t in the art and science of investing. These insights and experience directly help our clients in optimizing their returns while avoiding unnecessary risk. San Rafael, CA offices financial advisors and planners – we offer another advantage for our clients: fee only charging.

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Every client, large or small, deserves honest and independent investment advice.
Investment management should be done by a Fiduciary.
Individual clients should pay no more than large institutions for investment management.
Investment decisions should be driven by each client’s investment goals and risk profile.

Bright, Bright, Bright Sunshiny Week on Wall Street (Market Recap Week Ending July 23)

The week in review...Dow +374 or +1.1%, the Nasdaq +410 or +2.8% and the S&P +85 or +1.9%.  All that worry from a week ago Friday and the “violent sell-off" on Monday was erased in four trading sessions this week. I say “violent” because while everyone was bemoaning Monday’s move (down 700 points), it was in reality, a mere 2% drop. For some perspective, on Black Monday, October 19, 1987, the

Market Recap Week Ending July 16

The week in review...Dow (185) or (0.53%), the Nasdaq (275) or (1.87%) and the S&P (42) or (0.96%). Fear and greed and greed and fear. The focus of the market’s concern flipped again this week with the shockingly large CPI report on Tuesday refocusing investor’s fears of inflation. Despite testimony from Fed Chair Powell that he still believes pricing pressures are transitory, he did admit

Market Recap Week Ending July 2

The week in review...Dow +353 or +1.0%, the Nasdaq +279 or +1.9%, and the S&P +72 or +1.7%.   Another great week for the three major indices with all three notching new closing highs. The performance was based on benign to good news that came throughout the week. New York Fed President Williams' comments on Monday apparently mentioned nothing about asset purchases but focused on crypto