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Years of exposure to up-and-down and mixed market cycles have taught us what works and what doesn’t in the art and science of investing. These insights and experience directly help our clients in optimizing their returns while avoiding unnecessary risk. Marin County, San Francisco, San Rafael, Oakland, and Walnut Creek, CA offices financial advisors and planners – we offer another advantage for our clients: fee only charging.

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Every client, large or small, deserves honest and independent investment advice.
Investment management should be done by a Fiduciary.
Individual clients should pay no more than large institutions for investment management.
Investment decisions should be driven by each client’s investment goals and risk profile.

U.S. Averts Credit Disaster, Jobs Strong, Markets Cheer (June 2 Market Recap).

Indices  Dow 33,762, +669 or +2.02%.  Nasdaq 13,240, +265 or +2.04%.  MSCI EAFE 2070.06 -10.85 or –0.52%. S&P 4,282, +77 or +1.83%.  USD10Y 3.691%, -11.9bp or -3.192%.  WTI Crude $71.87 bbl, -$1.00 or –1.37%.   U.S. Averts Credit Disaster  On Saturday, President Biden signed the Fiscal Responsibility act, officially raising the debt ceiling and forestalling what would

Nvidia Powers the Nasdaq, Economic Data Encouraging, Debt Ceiling Progress? (May 26 Market Recap)

Indices  Dow 33,093, -333 or -1.00%.  Nasdaq 12,975, +218 or +1.72%.  MSCI EAFE 2080.91, -50.68 or –2.37%.  S&P 4,205, +24 or +0.57%.  USD10Y 3.810%, +11.8bp or +3.19%.  WTI Crude $72.87 bbl, +$1.20 or +1.67%.   Nvidia Powers the Nasdaq  On Wednesday, post-close, chipmaker Nvidia reported a blowout earnings report which included raising their revenue guidance by 50%.

Debt Ceiling, Nothing Else Matters (May 17 Market Recap).

Indices  Dow 33,426, +126 or +0.38%.  Nasdaq 12,657, +373 or +3.04%.  MSCI EAFE 2131.59, +5.33 or +0.25%.  S&P 4,191, +67 or +1.62%.  USD10Y 3.692%, +22.9bp or +6.61%.  WTI Crude $71.67 bbl, +$1.58 or +2.25%.  Debt Ceiling: Nothing Else Matters.  Time is quickly winding down on Congress to pass a bill raising the debt ceiling. Speaker McCarthy stated that a deal needed to be